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A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a vehicle and suspend any further marketing or sales of the vehicle. The balance of funds must be paid in full within 7 days. We also offer a verbal hold without a deposit for customers planning to travel or scheduling a time to see a vehicle.


We not only allow but recommend customers hire an outside company to inspect any vehicle prior to purchase. This must be done at our location to eliminate any risks associated with driving or allowing someone unfamiliar with sports cars and specialty cars handling or lifting them.

Test Drives

We do allow test drives if you are here to purchase a vehicle. We DO NOT allow test drives on any wet, slushy, salted roads or inclement weather. We take a lot of pride and care in cleaning and detailing our cars and are not willing to allow them to go out in the elements. Due to the fact that all of our vehicle are stored indoor test drives must be scheduled in advance to ensure vehicle is available and accessible.

Out of State Sales

Sales tax must be collected on vehicles bought and delivered in Michigan which are going to be titled and registered in another state or country. Michigan sales tax cannot exceed the sales tax that would be charged in the state which the vehicle is to be titled and registered. To avoid double taxation validated RD-108 forms showing tax was collected will be provide to purchasers. Please contact us for details and tax reciprocities in your state. Out of state transactions must take place Monday thru Friday no later than 3:00pm in order process the transaction with the State of Michigan and obtain an in-transit permit. Note: If seller or purchaser hires a transporter to deliver the vehicle to an address outside the state of Michigan then no tax will be collected.


Much care is needed and necessary when transporting vehicles. We discourage customers from hiring a broker to dispatch a transporter. There are no policies in place to ensure a reputable transporter will show up on your behalf. We suggest working with a transport company directly. Transport companies such as Reliable Carriers, Pilot Transport, McCollister’s Transportation Group, or Intercity Lines are just a few reputable carriers we have had great experience with. Insurance prohibits Adrenaline Motorsports Inc. agents or employees from assisting or advising transporters in loading or unloading vehicles.